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Whether for residences, retail stores, public buildings, schools, hospitals, restaurants, or hotels, Southern Tinting can recommend the right grade of film for the level of safety and security you wish to achieve. Professional installers will retrofit the film installation without disrupting your daily routine, and in a minimal amount of time. Once installed, Vista and Llumarfilms carries a factory-backed warranty supported by our worldwide dealer-installer network. Security film applied to office windows or home windows can reduce your risk of personal injury, property damage and theft. The idea behind window tinting for a business or home is simple: You can’t stop windows from breaking, but you can lessen the chance that glass fragments will fly all over. Security Benefits:

Accident – People and equipment can suffer serious injury from glass shards when chemicals, fuel, or escaping glass explodes. By reducing damages and injuries, window tinting also reduces medical bills and insurance costs.

Natural Disasters - When hurricanes, high winds, or tornadoes shatter glass, the flying and falling fragments can become deadly. And once its glass barrier is breached, a buildings interior is then vulnerable to rain, water damage, and flying debris too. Window tinting helps keep deadly glass shards in place, lessens water damage, and reduces liability.

Burglary – Retrofit tinting makes it harder to break through and more likely to stay intact when smashed, making entry difficult. Burglars and looters depend upon speed. Smash a window, grab the merchandise and go before the police arrive. Time is of the essence in a burglary, making thieves less likely to even try with retrofit tinting on your home or office.

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